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The German School for Beauty Queens

Germany was once a powerhouse in pageantry. In the early history of Miss World for instance, it bagged two crowns: in 1956 through Petra Schürmann and in 1980 by Gabrielle Brum*. The country had a good track in Miss Universe too. It consistently placed in the competition between 1952 and 1960 with five "Top 5" finished and four "Top 16" placements. The wait has come to an end when it produced a Miss Universe winner in 1961 through Marlene Schmidt. 

While this nation has neglected training and preparing their delegates in modern pageantry, other countries such as the Philippines, South Africa, Venezuela among others capitalise on both. This has resulted to Germany's lost of status as a strong player in the world of pageantry. 

The Queens' Camp (TQC) aims to gradually put back Germany in the pageant map. We believe in the motto, "Preparation is the key" . Through rigorous training which touches on personality, mental exercises up to the famous "duck walk" drills, a more prepared set of German candidates will soon conquer the international stage. The gallery below shows our dedicated team working with our pool of highly motivated and empowered young women. 

* Gabrielle Brum resigned shortly after her reign. Kimberley Santos of Guam assumed the title. 

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